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Benefits of being in a coaching process

Coaching is wonderful, as it has the capacity of developing companies & people at all levels. 

Nowadays we hear about “Coaching” more often everywhere. It looks like a trend. Something you need to do if you want to be cool, on trend, or at least to say you have tried .

We are living in a world where there are many new things daily, and we try some of them, we adopt few of them, and we leave many of them when we are tired.

Coaching cannot be seen as one of that things. Coaching is extremely much valuable for our lives, and it can change dramatically your point of view about different things in your personal and professional life. Coaching is defined by the International Coaching Federation (the biggest Coaching organization worldwide), as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

What I can say to you, it is that being involved in a Coaching journey, as a customer can be something transformational at all the levels of your life. Even not having that ambition, at least you will get the following key benefits:

1. Set up our objectives in a realistic & more transformational way

It is key to define all what is around our head, prioritize it and define clear what is success for us. Sometimes we have a superficial idea of what we want, and thanks to a coaching conversation we “peel the onion” to discover which objectives really motivates you. 

2. Discover new points of view

Through the creative process of coaching, the Coach leads the process trying that the customer finds new alternatives to what’s common in his/her way of thinking, and consequently taken the decision that make sense to achieve what expected. 

3. Do not be conditioned by your beliefs

You can change your limiting beliefs; you learn to unlock them and as consequence you discover they are not helping to move on. Only in that way you can stablish realistic objectives with no limitations. The “It always has been in that way” will not be more in your dictionary.

4. Self-awareness

With no doubt this is in my opinion the key outcome of a coaching process. The customer gains conscience about him as person and as professional in a very deep way. And those learnings stay fixed in his/her mind-heart forever. 

Later on, you can decide what to do with those learnings, but what’s true it is that you will never will think in the same way as you already jumped to a higher level of conscience. 

When you want to have a Coaching process it is because you want to work in something related with the “doing”, and most of the time the consequence is that you also work on your “being”. And that is the beauty of Coaching.

5. Empowerment

We you are part of a Coaching process you are leading your life.  You decide what you do and assume your own responsibilities.  

So, free of limitations & beliefs, with new points of view and with a higher level of self-awareness, nothing will stop you. So, you have all the ingredients to achieve what you desire.  And once you are in the Empowerment Mode, you can even improve in other areas. In example:

  • Less stress & better time management. 
  • Higher level of motivation. 
  • More communicative relations
  • Capacity to listen to others actively.
  • More control.

Finally, I would like to summarize these benefits in a quite simple metaphor: being in a Coaching process  is like piloting a plane, there is going to be a lot of turbulence, but our job is to land the plane safely. When you land your plane, you are where you wanted to be. And probably the strongest turbulences make you think how you want to do your next flights.  

Let me close with some client’s feedbacks, not to me, but to the Coaching discovery:

“I already knew it most of the things that come out my mind, but I did not know how to go there”.

“… after discovering this of myself, I needed sometime to assume it…, because I was not totally aware…”. Days after: “it’s amazing, now I see the things in a completely different way”. 

“I was expecting nothing about Coaching helping me on this topic because I already thought a lot about it, but God…, there were more many solutions…”

“So energizing, how we can surprise ourselves if we are “on the moment” and confronted with the right/tough questions”. 

“I thought I were going to work on my professional career in my sessions, but it was more than that! It “scary” positively, what you discover about yourself”. 

Make Coaching a way of Being!

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