Oliver is an experienced communicator with an extraordinary ability to connect with audiences. His passion for coaching, leading teams, developing cultures and accelerating business, together with his positivity are his main tools to deliver relevant messages to companies and their teams.

Messages focused not only on motivation, but also on communicating principles of instant application.

Some TALKS examples



Developing leadership skills is crucial for organizations that need their managers and their teams to act in an agile, efficient and autonomous way.

Being a leader does not depend on your position. A leader is the one who shows the way by example.

Discover the 6 behaviours that will help you build your own leadership style.


ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE as competitive advantage

When you have your own organizational culture, you build automatisms that allow a better response to the challenges of the market, which translates into greater team commitment, a better management style, and consequently better results.

Make your organizational culture your competitive advantage.



Coaching competencies are extremely valuable, especially in leadership and team management environments.

The best way to integrate these competencies is through practice, and repetition, so that they become everyday behaviours in teams.

Your teams will begin to think in an efficient and structured way, with a clear focus on the company’s mission, and make better decisions.



Do you want to create a motivated, autonomous and high-performing team?

With Team Coaching, we can. 

Through a process of 3 phases and simple concepts, we manage to generate ways of working, which extrapolated to each activity of the organization, can lead to a recognizable culture and style of leadership.



We usually avoid change because it is difficult. It means getting out of our comfort zone.

However, we must incorporate Transformation and Innovation as a routine, as it has become an ongoing necessity. 

If we work with anticipation, we will make transformation / innovation a success, getting teams to embrace it naturally.


Find your PURPOSE

Organizations and individuals need a guide, and that guide is our PURPOSE.

Purpose can be related to our professional career, the mission of our organization, and/or our team.

When we discover our purpose, everything makes sense. But it is as important to discover it as it is to know how to implement and live it in order to be successful. Behaviours are key.

Oliver in action

Developing leadership skills is crucial for organizations that need their managers and teams to act quickly, efficiently
and autonomous.

Being a leader does not depend on a position, it is a leader who shows the way through example.

Discover the 6 areas that will help you build your leadership style.


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LEADERSHIP training:

Desenvolver competências de liderança é fundamental, já que as organizações necessitam que os seus responsáveis e gestores saibam “agir” e “fazer agir” de forma cada vez mais autónoma, corresponsável e competente – de forma a mobilizarem os seus colaboradores para obter resultados.

Reuniones Coaching Mobile

Audiencia: Top & middle Management, team leaders, teams.

Leadership áreas to cover:

Proactivity e influenncia


Choices & efficiency


Win win Solutions

Behaviour & Communciation

Tipos de formação

– Leadership talk: motivational talk to organizations

2 hours

– Leadership: Workshop for leaders: 8-16 hours. Deep dive on the key skills that a leader should develope to maximize his/her performance.

– Training Workshop for Team leaders  & teams: 4-12 horas

Optimize teams Ways of doing while sharing a leadership culture

30% Theorical / 70% practice