Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

A process of Executive Coaching gives you the possibility of creating a space to think, in you as a leader, in your team management, in your company strategy, in your relationship with other team members & stakeholders, that allows you to be ready for the future with higher guarantee of success.

What are your needs?

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How can I help you?

The process is 100% adapted to your needs. Why? Because as leader, your needs can be changing from one day to other, and we can put the focus exactly where you need. 


We could do it in this way:

Primera Sesión

1st session – What objectives do you have:

We will work together to create an objectives list in the areas you choose. 

Sesiones Regulares

Regular Sessions:

We will explore the “how”, creating individual spaces of reflection.


In every session you will choose the objectives you want to work.


The most beautiful thing in these sessions it is that behind every concrete objective, there are, most of the time, transformational topics at human level, of which you become aware through our conversations. This is the coaching essence.


At the end of the session, ideally, we should close with very concrete next steps.


At the beginning of any session, it is recommendable that we can recapitulate how are the things going regarding the next steps defined in previous sessions.

Executive Coaching

The Core Coaching Competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF) are the base that allows me to help you in an Executive Coaching Process. 

I also have my background as leader, but it is the mine, not yours. You need your own point of view because you have a specific environment, your own team, your own strengths, everything is different. And that is why in an Executive Coaching process we need to explore your solutions and not others.

There are many tools we can use in our processes if they were valuable. Some examples: 

Benefits for you:

Make Coaching
¡a Way of Being for you!
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LEADERSHIP training:

Desenvolver competências de liderança é fundamental, já que as organizações necessitam que os seus responsáveis e gestores saibam “agir” e “fazer agir” de forma cada vez mais autónoma, corresponsável e competente – de forma a mobilizarem os seus colaboradores para obter resultados.

Reuniones Coaching Mobile

Audiencia: Top & middle Management, team leaders, teams.

Leadership áreas to cover:

Proactivity e influenncia


Choices & efficiency


Win win Solutions

Behaviour & Communciation

Tipos de formação

– Leadership talk: motivational talk to organizations

2 hours

– Leadership: Workshop for leaders: 8-16 hours. Deep dive on the key skills that a leader should develope to maximize his/her performance.

– Training Workshop for Team leaders  & teams: 4-12 horas

Optimize teams Ways of doing while sharing a leadership culture

30% Theorical / 70% practice