How does coaching work for the client?


Coaching has the power of developing talents and organizations at all levels. And that is the reason why Startups, Big Companies, Entrepreneurs and Executives are using Coaching much more often.

Coaching is

In summary: coaching gives you a window of time to think in ourselves, define our objectives & elaborate plans to achieve them.

qué es el coaching

How does Coaching work for the customer?

In summary: the content and objectives are fixed by the customer; the Coach guides the process..


coaching de equipos

The essence is the same as for individual Coaching, but it is important to remark some specificities:

And usually the team coaching has 3 phases, although it is always flexible to answer the customer demand:

Team Coaching Phases

Fase Motivacional

1. Motivational Phase

 where it is defined the commitment, the mission and team roles

Fase de Desarrollo

2. Development Phase

where the Teamwork is done, and the Coach mission is to lead the Team to achieve its objective.

Fase de Reflexión

3. Closing Phase:

Closing & learning moment.

Some examples of topics that can be worked in Team Coaching:

In summary: any Project that needs the collaboration of a team for a unique objective.

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