Career Coaching

If you got involved in a Career Coaching Process, you achieve results that are key to define your professional future: you know what you want to do, where you want to go, what kind of positions you would like to apply for, and overall to know which results and journey will make you happier.

What are your needs?

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How I can help you?

In Career Coaching, we will follow a process of 4 big steps, executed in a coaching environment, that will allow you to create a safe space to think and define the professional path that will make you happy.

How does it work?

Paso 1

We will explore your values:

Using several exercises, we will discover how your values influence the decisions you make. 

Paso 2

Design your Scenarios:

Choose the ones that correlates better with your values.

Paso 3

marketing plan:

How is going to be my positioning.

Paso 4

Stakeholers Mapping & Action Plan:

Define who are the influencers to achieve your objectives and to work in a plan to increase your success probabilities.

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The Core Coaching Competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF), my background in multinationals environment for 20 years, and some specific trainings in Career Coaching are the base that allows me to help you to achieve your objectives.

Some tools I use in Career Coaching are:

Benefits for you and
your professional career:

Make Coaching
a Way of Being for your professional life!!!
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“Thinking partnership tool”. It will help you to define next steps for you and/or your company.

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